Oirschot Vooruit 9 – GSBW 7 3-4

Tough victory at Oirschot for our team. We played without our regular keeper, without our regular coach and we missed some players as well. Grabbed an early lead, then squandered that lead twice, but got the lead back while playing with 10 men because of a penalty on one of our players for a hard challenge from behind. Jumped out to a 4-2 lead, and held on for dear life. Oirschot piled on the pressure in the last few minutes, but we managed to get away with this vital win.

Have to say though that this team hates to lose, and if they are doing so, they start to kick, moan and bitch their way back into the game. The referee should have drawn two straight red cards in my opinion, for two blatant fouls.But hey, a win is a win.

Next game is on February 28, at home against Hilvaria. Kickoff 12:00 CET.


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