5 reasons to hate this winter.. and be excited for the summer

This winter is not cool in any way. It just flat out stinks like an old piece of French cheese. Why do you ask? Well, here’s 5 reasons why.

1. This January in the Netherlands was the coldest in ages. I was forced to wear thermo socks for more than one occasion, and I didn’t even go skiing.

2. This February in the Netherlands already is the coldest in ages. (Will this be a trend in the coming months?)

3. Riding a bike while the temperature is -17 degrees Celsius takes all the fun out of riding a bike.

4. Not just one, not two, but three of GSBW 7’s football matches were postponed due to the gruesome weather conditions.

5. Falling flat on your face in front of a bar when trying to get your coat in time due to loads of ice on the pavement is not funny at all. At least, at the very moment it isn’t.

But, with strong winters come hot summers. So we should all just go and sleep for the next three months and everything will be better. Even people’s mindsets are positive when the weather is good.

Just hold on, for now.


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